Bridging the gap

between natural disaster survivors
and those who want to help

After the devastation of a natural disaster...

We envision community helping community. We built this platform to allow natural disaster survivors to share their wish lists, enabling momentum in rebuilding. Much can be done to aid survivors, from sharing a warm meal to repairing a home. Bringing to light each survivor's specific wish list and providing direct assistance will allow us to do so together.

We aim to be a community of hope where survivors never feel they have to do it alone.


For Survivors

Creating a profile gives you a way to share your wish list with family, friends, and people everywhere who want to help.

Create a Wish List

For Supporters

Find someone you can help right now. Give a gift to an individual directly, share a service, or find a new home for an item you have.

Help a Survivor


Make a tax-deductible donation to Right Here Right Now, and we'll do the gifting for you.


About Right Here Right Now

Right Here Right Now, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (AKA “for purpose”) organization based in Austin, TX, was founded in 2017 to create awareness of rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey. We wanted to help, but weren't sure where to send the support to make a direct impact on someone's life. We knew there must be a better way for people to support natural disaster survivors directly, transparently, and with ease.

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