What if people who have lost everything
could tell us what they need
so we could help them get their lives back?

Help us to spearhead the momentum and fund this site!

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Scott and Allison McFadden
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About Right Here Right Now

Right Here Right Now — Natural Disaster Recovery Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in November 2017 in Austin, TX. Our mission is to bridge the gap between those in need and those who are called to help after a natural disaster. We are creating an online platform that allows victims of a natural disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado, etc.) to share who they are, their story and a needs list as well as a gift registry. That way, those who are called to be of service can do so with ease.

7 Ways to Help After a Disaster...

  • PRAY for or send LOVE to those in need.
  • DONATE to this cause, so you can help many fulfill their wish lists and gift registries.
  • VOLUNTEER to help someone. A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.
  • GIVE someone a gift from their gift registry or needs list.
  • DISCOUNT your vendor services for those survivors who need so much.
  • SHARE this gift of giving with someone else by sharing a profile or sharing this site with someone who needs help and hope.
  • SEND someone a "Thank You" note once you have been helped.

From our Co-Founder, Darcie Beyer

A thought struck me while watching the news about people losing so much during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. I recalled that when I married my husband, Andrew, we had the basics of clothes and a house, but needed so much more to build our life. Although I never felt that I was worthy of all that I was asking for, like many others, I created a wedding registry.

Day after day we would get a package in the mail with one or more items from our list, from relatives and friends, old and new, from across the country. It occurred to me then how much love we had in our life, and how many people wished for us to be happy.

That night while watching the scenes of flooding and destruction, of lives forever changed by this natural disaster, I thought, “How come we are not doing the same thing for these people? What if people who have lost everything could tell us what they need so we could gift them specifically—and help them get their lives back?

After talking with a friend who lost EVERYTHING in the disaster, I realized that there is so much that is needed after such a loss. My friend had lost all of her clothes, furniture, bedding, kitchenware, vehicles, and more; it was all gone, or destroyed in waves of sewage-infested water. While she was fortunate to find rental housing, she had to continue to pay the mortgage on her lost house, tripling her costs. Due to the amount of time she needed to deal with the aftermath, she had to step away from her job. Every day, she realized how much she needed to replace. “I couldn’t make a meal because we had nothing to cook in,” she explained. Day after day she had to go to the store to find things she had taken for granted before the storm. After a time, she could no longer afford those trips, even for basics that she and her children needed. At one point, she broke down and started to cry. She wasn’t alone. Over 200,000 homes were damaged, and over 15,000 were destroyed.

My friend’s story compelled me to ask how I could help people who were recovering from this or any other natural disaster. There are many causes that people can donate to in these situations, but there was nothing that took exactly what someone needed and shared that with people who wanted to help.

This registry changes all of that. Our vision is to create a place that shares who needs help, what they are looking for in ways of help, and how someone who cares can support them. Whether it’s material goods, food, or services, this is a simple way to give.

So many of us have so much to give. This website is my opportunity to pour my heart into alleviating the suffering of people in a way I know I can. And I am not the only one; so many people are saying yes to this cause, helping to build this platform, and ready to get the word out.

Please join us as we create a way for people in need to ask for help with ease, and people who are called to give to fill those needs. Together we can all help the world heal in big and small ways, one person at a time.

With the greatest of love,

Darcie Beyer